What brings pain relief to people with shingles?

What brings pain relief to people with shingles? Check with your medical professional first …

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Shingles are horrible. Painful. They bring suffering to millions each year, and until now there was no real relief in sight.

They tend to impact people over the age of 55 most often, but really the virus is often present from childhood and can be activated at any age for an unfortunate person. The virus needs to come to the surface of the skin to replicate and multiply, and this is when a shingles outbreak occurs.

This virus will lay “dormat” or “inactive” for years back around the spinal cord. Then at some opportunistic time, it will travel down the nearest nerve fibers to the skin’s surface. People will feel this as the tingling sensation just before the shingles break out. And as the virus migrates down these nerves, it can also bring damage to the nerves themselves. I have a good friend with shingles who has not had an eruption in years, but the neuropathy – or nerve damage – from attacks in the past have left her with chronic pain in her legs.

 What brings relief to people with shingles?

Researchers from the Biodesign Laboratory at a major university have developed a formula, based entirely on plant extracts and not chemicals or pharmaceuticals. This formula brings soothing relief to shingles, and may even reduce or eliminate the eruptions. It is really a breakthrough product.

Here are some other things that you can do beginning right now:

  • Make certain that you have sufficient rest, eats good meals, and avoids taxing situations.
  • Cool water on a wash cloth put on the sores from the infection could ease your pain and help in drying out the blisters.
  • Simple workouts like walking or gentle stretching could help a bit. Keep it gentle.
  • Relax. Relaxation helps ease the pain, just as often stress makes the discomfort worse. Take time to relax and enjoy some of your favorite music or art.
  • Try to get your thoughts off the pain. Do things that you like to do. Watching a favorite movie or TV show, talking with friends, and even reading a book can help. Explore topics that you enjoy on the internet or YouTube.